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    Management Areas

    The Initiative for Climate Transparency in Latin America and the Caribbean was created to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement in the region from its reinforced transparency framework. To this end, the Initiative offers support in the development of public policy to establish the guidelines and strengthen the instruments that will allow:

    Accounting, Monitoring and Updating of the NDCs

    Support the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to track progress, account for and update their National Determined Contributions (NDCs).

    Conceptualization, Design and Development of Long Term Strategies

    Strengthen the capacity of long-term planning exercises and link 2030 efforts with the 2050 vision through coordinating the implementation of the Paris Agreement, in a coordinated exercise with the Sustainable Development Goals and Domestic Policies plans.

    Climate financing and enabling new investments

    To guide the financing of climate action and enable new sources of investment to deal with climate change.

    Technical axes

    To carry out the consolidation of instruments, policies and actions for climate change, the Initiative also helps strengthen technical capacities in countries to:

    1. Conceptualisation, design and commissioning of the instruments necessary to perform the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of GHG emission mitigation actions; Measurement and Evaluation (M&E) of actions in adaptation to the effects of climate change and monitoring of climate finance and means of implementation.
    2. Consolidation of institutional arrangements and commitments on climate change.
    3. Management, reporting and communication of climate information effectively.

    Regional Program on Climate Transparency

    The value proposal of the Climate Transparency Center is consolidated based on the proposal for a Regional Program on Climate Transparency: